George Fox

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Nominated for Category E: Lifetime Contribution to the Historic Environment by Sunart Community Council.

George Fox moved from Edinburgh to the village of Strontian in 1966 with his family bringing his keen interest in heritage with him.   Famous for giving its name to the element Strontium, the village has a varied history.  His enthusiasm for local heritage led him to found “Sunart Archives” in his house – the Old Manse. Here he curates a great many records (and Census archives), photographs and a wide range of artefacts associated with the mining heritage and crofting of this west highland settlement. He receives visitors and researchers from all over the world researching family history and other matters.

Without George’s unstinting efforts over the last 50 years, much of Strontian’s history would have been lost. He has funded all his studies himself and gives his time freely to all enquirers.