Libby Powers-Jones

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Nominated for Category B. This award recognises the contribution to heritage projects by young people up to and including the age of 25. 

The successful project to restore medieval Kirkmichael on the Black Isle to become a community and heritage gem depended on the work of volunteers and none more so than Libby Powers-Jones. The nave of the former church building was filled with decades of spoil by gravediggers. Sorting and removing the many tonnes of spoil  was carried out solely by volunteers under archaeologist supervision. The keenness and responsibility of Libby became immediately apparent. Early to arrive, late to depart, she worked assiduously at all aspects of the dig. These included controlled trowelling, sieving, find labelling, site drawing and photographing as well as filling out the necessary paperwork including context sheets and registers. The hard work involved in moving spoil and the sometimes grim task of removal of human remains, and the challenging conditions working outside in winter, did not daunt her.