Andrew Milton

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Nominated for Category C. This award recognises a volunteer, professional individual or apprentice who has demonstrated the application of craft skills that have been key in repairing or rescuing a historic site. 

Andrew Milton first started working on the Dumfries House Estate in 2014 at the age of 16 as part of a training programme run by the Prince’s Foundation for Building Community. The 12 month programme was aimed at training the next generation of craftspeople working within the heritage sector. Despite having little experience, it was apparent from the beginning that Andrew had an incredible enthusiasm and natural talent for the trade.  During the programme, Andrew participated in a live build project, working with 11 other craftspeople to construct a dovecot on the Dumfries House Estate using traditional materials and techniques.  The Estate’s head joiner said of Andrew: “He has a passion for his trade.  He is a perfectionist, he likes things done right and that shows in his work - an apprentice like Andrew only comes along once in a rare while.”