Logie Old Graveyard Group

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Nominated for Category D. This award recognises volunteers and professionals, individuals and groups who rescue, record or interpret any kind of historic place. 

The Old Kirk at Logie near Stirling was a dangerously derelict ruin in a neglected and overgrown site in 2007 when Logie Old Graveyard Group began.  There is over 1,000 years of history associated with the site where there are two Norse hogback stones dating from around 1080 and one of the best collections of 17th century gravestones in Scotland showing carved mortality and trades symbols.  Surveys were carried out by the group, every gravestone was recorded, photographed and the information compiled on a database. Plans and drawings were made and volunteers began work on site cutting down overgrowth, clearing away rubbish and other debris. The gates and other wrought iron work were refurbished, and the 18th century watch hut was converted to a small resource/information centre. The work done by the group has been inspirational.