The Whithorn Trust

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Nominated for Category D. This award recognises volunteers and professionals, individuals and groups who rescue, record or interpret any kind of historic place. 

To interpret and explain an exceptional archaeological site at the Black Loch of Myrton which revealed a settlement of at least eight Iron Age roundhouses the Whithorn Trust decided to build a full-scale reconstruction based on their discoveries.  The roundhouse project involved local craftsmen and unemployed people with skills and interest in the reconstruction. The entire project involved volunteers from start to finish, with opportunities to learn about ancient blacksmithing and smelting, ceramics, rope making, knapping, thatching, bark stripping, and hazel harvesting and weaving. The project was aimed to spearhead regeneration of Whithorn through the creation of an exciting new visitor attraction and new guided tours. It was also aimed at creating a community venue, usable in a variety of ways. So far, the ticket sales have soared.